We offer a variety of landscape design services and can oversee a project from initial consultation through to maintenance.

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gardens forever dublin services garden construction and landscaping

Confidence and familiarity with the wide range of construction materials available and a complete understanding of horticulture requirements of a garden ensure the successful installation of designs time and time again.

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We cater for small domestic gardens throughout Dublin to commercial businesses that might require more regular clean ups.

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Large overgrown trees can be a danger to your property as well as your family. Strong winds can weaken overgrown branches which carry too much weight and could cause them to crack away from the tree in any given direction. Having a tree analysed and pruned could save you a lot of stress and money in the long term. Remember that prevention is better than cure. Here at Gardens Forever we assess the stability of the tree and can remove/thin out its branches so that it is no longer a property or personal hazard. We also cater for unsightly stumps whereby we can get the stump grinder in and remove them for good, allowing you to gain more valuable space in your garden.
Patios are generally the reason people contact ourselves. They want to be able to enjoy their garden when the weather is good and want somewhere to entertain the family or guests. We are then called out  and more often than not design the garden around the sunniest part of the garden. There is huge selection of paving materials available in Ireland. From Natural stone paving such as Granite, Sandstone, Limestone to a vast array of cast concrete slabs there most definitely will be something that suits your garden and your taste. Please see our below for some of the selections available.

Walls are typically in gardens acting as boundaries between neighbours. These are generally erected by the builder and have a raw element serving the purpose of dividing the properties. This should not deter you from encorporating a wall into the garden. There is a vast arrangement of walls, like paving, available to suit most garden requirements. Some of the options include standard plastered finished, natural stone walling, render, and the decorative pre cast walling such as the Connemara range from Kilsaran. What walling you require will ultimately be down to budget. Most will prefer the Natural stone walling such as Tipperary Sandstone due to it natural beauty and varying textures and is hard to beat however due to its width and cost other walling options might be more appropriate. A combination of the two can also work effectively, using a plastered finished wall punctuated by a Natural stone wall can dramatically enhance the outdoor space you desire.

These can add a lot of characteristic to your garden and set the right ambiance or atmosphere. People love the sound of water and the relaxing feeling associated with it. For smaller water features such as the Water blades, Granite Balls or Monoliths it is important to try locate them near the house/patio area to maximise there potential. The larger cascading ponds can be located farther away from the patio area as the soothing sounds of water off the rocks will be more dramatic the larger the pond and will therefore be heard from a greater distance. Any water feature is a valuable asset in your garden and should try and be incorporated wherever possible.

A carefully chosen planting scheme is essential to the overall design. As qualified horticulturists we have an extensive knowledge of plants, there overall heights/spreads and where there are best suited in certain garden locations. This is critical so that the master plan maximises its full potential by incorporating a planting plan. These can incorporate herbaceous boarders, mature planting, shrub planting, block planting and tree planting.

Timber decking is a good material for sunny gardens and complementing paving. It acts as an outdoor living area for tables and chairs and when complemented with a handrail can define a space exceptionally well. It also is an appropriate material for balconies as it acts as a visual screen between neighbours and can incorporate flower beds to soften the area .

We do a wide range of paving materials for front driveways and will tailor a design to suit the style and characteristic of the house. There are generally two types of driveways which we will advise on, a gravel with paving combination or a cobble block driveway. The right mix of materials and planting in a front garden will prevent your driveway looking cold and similar to a shop carpark! This will therefore increase the value and selling point of your home.

Some existing garden fences can be of poor quality due to bad tradesmen erecting them too quickly. With little or no care to ensure that they stand the test of time they gradually deteriorate and even blow down. There is a wide selection of fencing available to choose from such as composite, shiplap, timber cladding for walls, post and panel fencing, trellis screening or a bespoke fence with a timber chosen to your needs. Add a splash of colour and you instantly have a striking backdrop that will enhance any planting placed in front of it.